Fortnite Custom SOLOs Tournament

17January 2020

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Date(s) - 01/17/2020
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Battleground Lounge- TownMall of Westminster


******SOLO CUSTOMS******


Online Private Lobby

Check in begins at 3:00 PM and games will begin for all participants at 4:30 PM. Tournament is estimated to conclude at 9:00 PM times are subject to change.

All games begin when the Head Tournament Organizer (TO) announces to do so.

Players are responsible to be on time for each game. TO’s will not delay games for late players.

Once players have completed a game they must have the TO verify their score via Match Summary. Player must keep the score screen up on their screen, raise their hand and a Tournament Organizer will record the score. After a score is recorded player may proceed to drop in the next public lobby.

No cheating! There are usually players that are friends and attend the tournament together. For solos players may not advise or speak with each other while in game to keep the competitive integrity of the tournament intact. In squads you may talk to your fellow teammates but the same rules apply above for players who are not your teammates.

All decisions are at the discretion of the tournament organizer, and are final and binding, including but not limited to rules and lobbies changes.

You can bring and use your own headsets, controller, and login info for your account.

Prize pool will be awarded to 1st Place
1 Month Battleground Membership

No Refunds on registration.

$8.00 per person / $32.00 per team


The player who has the most eliminations will win the game. If both players have the same amount of eliminations at the end of a game then the last player standing will win the game. In the event where both players have the same number of eliminations and are standing until the same time, the player who got the last elimination will win the game. Any further ties will result in the replay of the game in question.



Any gliders/umbrellas, outfits, harvesting tools, back blings, contrails, loading screens, emotes, vehicles, or items that are currently disabled in public queues are prohibited from use for as long as they remain disabled in those queues.


Only the normal game modes are permitted to be played in official matches. Limited time game modes are prohibited from play in official matches.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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